Imperfect Everbook

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The Murdy Creative Co. is proud to announce our partnership with Everbook!

Our Imperfects collection is created from leather that wasn't quite up to our quality standards. This could include scratches, bends, staining, branding, or other surface imperfections. We do promise that each is not structurally damaged and will serve as a truly unique part of your notebook collection for decades to come.

Crafted from our signature Espresso leather, the Everbook is the perfect way to organize many projects at once. The Everbook is designed to hold standard printer paper folded in half in small bundles to allow you to customize, add, remove, and reorganize individual pages. Nothing is bound in, so you are able to open the bundles up and lay them flat to write. With compact 6"x9"x1.5" dimensions, the Everbook can expand to hold many projects without becoming to expansive or burdensome. 

With the durable elastic strap, the bundles are held safely in the Everbook. If for any reason your strap breaks, or wears out, simply contact Sales@MurdyCreative.Co and we will be happy to send you a replacement!

Everbook... Do More Good!

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