Writing Advice from a Cat

This week's tips come from Murdy Creative Co.'s cuddly feline friends!
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Weekly Writing Tips - Writing Advice from a Cat - Pictured: Adorable cat with a Murdy Creative Co. Metric Cut Refillable Leather Journal, bullet journal entry, calendar, notebook, markers


How often have you stared at your blissfully snoozing cat in utter envy. How wonderful would life be if you could nap the night away and never have a worry again? As easy as it is to simply daydream about sun baths and no responsibilities- there is much that can be learned from the lifestyle of cats. On the exterior they may seem to be chaotic and thoughtless purr machines, but beneath is a mind that works at it’s own pace with the singular goal of extracting as much pleasure out of life as possible.


Never underestimate the importance of naps and snacks: (Pictured: Napping cat with pink beans)


A cat will not hesitate to let everyone in the house know any of their needs loudly and until they are satisfied. You should begin to listen to your body as well; if you’re hungry, get a snack. If you find your focus drifting, take a break. Your brain requires a lot of maintenance and fuel to keep going and be at peak performance so take the time so you can be at your best.


Maintain laser focus: (Pictured: Cute cat focusing on attacking the bookmark in a Murdy Creative Co. Travel Cut Refillable Leather Folio in Onyx)


If you enter a point of writing where you find the words are seemingly flowing endlessly do not stop. Follow the stream of consciousness that your brain is taking you on and see where it takes you. There is always time for editing and proofreading once your thoughts are fully out.


Follow inspiration even if it wakes you up at 3am: (Pictured: Inspirational cat in a sunbeam)


Keeping a journal by your side for when inspiration strikes. I know I’m not alone in thinking that my ideas can simply be remembered later only to find I’ve forgotten everything within half an hour. Having a mini journal at hand can save you hours of racking your brain later.



Stay curious and never forget to be whimsical: (Pictured: Black and white curious cat on a Murdy Creative Co. Wide Cut Refillable Leather Binder)


What’s the point of writing if you’re not having fun with it? Include the lame joke. Follow rabbit holes of research for the sake of learning even if you barely use it while writing. Don’t spend your entire time wondering how to use the best words and simply use the words that come to mind. Never be afraid to simply be ridiculous for the sake of authenticity to your own voice.



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There is a famous Irish poem about a monk’s cat titled “Pangur Ban” in which the writer compares his pet’s antics while hunting to his own scholarly habits. What does your pet do that reminds you of your day to day life?

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Authors: Colin Murdy & Anna Ratzburg