Our Materials

A core aspect of crafting the very best products is using the finest raw materials, and understanding how to best use those materials to reach their full potential.

Leather crafting is as old a tradition as history itself. Over time, techniques have been refined and the tools we use to get the most out of the material have improved. There is a deep tactile relationship leather holds in the human subconscious. When you hold something made from quality leather you feel connected to history in a unique way. Similarly, bookbinding as an art form has evolved over centuries and has allowed us to connect our minds to those of the past. It's because of good craftsmanship that those books survived.

Our leather begins local with cows raised in the midwest. True quality hides come from cows that are healthy and well cared for. The hides remain local, and are tanned at one of the famous historic tanneries in wooden drums that have been turning for over 80 years. Each hide is hand selected and reviewed by an expert to ensure that it is the right thickness and temper. The hides go through a series of processes to ensure that the thickness and surfaces are correct. Finally the hide goes through its dying and finishing processes before being reviewed a final time to ensure proper color and finish. Then it is rolled up and shipped less than 100 miles to our workshop.

Once the leather reaches our workshop, we unroll each hide and review them. Prior to the cutting phase, our master cutters will lay out a variety of shapes for the flat products based off what the day's orders require. They will work to optimize the hide usage, while avoiding the scars and pits that are inevitable in any natural material. The shapes are die cut to ensure accuracy and consistency, and then sent to the laser engravers to get their logos as well as any customization requested by the purchaser. They then go to a washing and finishing cycle to ensure there are no scuffs or remaining soot. Finally they are hand assembled by our team of expert craftsman and shipped to the customer.

In some of our products, we use additional materials beyond the leather. For all of our hardware, we use galvanized steel screw posts to ensure longevity. Each one is manufactured out of California in small batches and made to the highest quality standards. We craft all our designs to use no stitching or glue, ensuring that they will last for decades. Always made with the finest materials in our US workshop, be confident that when you buy from Murdy Creative Co. you are supporting an American small business!


Want to know more? Feel free to email us at Sales@MurdyCreative.co to ask any additional questions!