Price Increase 2023

Dear Friends,
Due to a rising cost of materials and labor the Murdy Creative Co. will be doing a review and price adjustment across our entire line of products on October 31st.
I personally dislike having to raise our prices as it has always been my goal to make the best possible quality accessible to more people, but the unfortunate reality of the current economy is undeniable. 
I could pay our employees less, but we have worked so hard to cultivate a team of people who are dedicated to the old way of making things. I feel its my moral responsibility to pay them well for the incredible work they do.
There is always the option of taking shortcuts with our materials, but both that and outsourcing our product to foreign countries is antithetical to our mission. It would be a betrayal of everything we stand for.
Despite this I do want to make our products accessible to people, and to that end I want to remind people that we do offer Shop Pay on our entire product line. You can select installments at checkout to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks. No fees, ever. No impact on your credit score.
As a final thought...
This Christmas season, and all year long, we will spend most of our money buying things from large corporations. They look at purchases and customers as numbers on a screen. For us, every purchase is like a celebration. Every ding of a new order brings a smile to our faces. It's a reminder that people still value quality and having a relationship with a product and a company that knows their name.
For those of you who have purchased in the past, especially those who purchase more than once, we do know your name. We recognize it on the order sheets and in the engravings and turn to each other and say "Look, they ordered again" and we know that we must have done a good job before. When you call the company, it rings in our shared office room and someone will come running from the back where we have been making journals to pick it up. We are real people.
So when I say that we need to do a price adjustment, please remember that the small increase represents a critical need to help keep this place going. It isn't corporate greed or a ploy to take from you, but the necessary change to continue to provide you with the very best money can buy.
For those who want to buy at the current prices, we will be holding those steady until Tuesday October 31st next week, to give you a chance to take advantage of them before they change.
Ever your servant,
Colin Murdy
Murdy Creative Co.
Cell: 414-434-9001