Dumbledore - Handwriting - Pre-Engraved - Refillable Leather Binders

Regular price $109.00

Hardware Size

- Standard Three Hole Punch

- Add and Remove Single Pages

- Spine Notch Allows Pen Storage

- Holds 1-200 Pages of 20lb. Paper

From the pages of J.K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series comes these immortal words. Spoken by the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, these words remain a source of inspiration for all writers. The imagination of young and old alike are stoked to action by the magic of a well written story. Start your adventure today.

The Murdy No. 1 Refillable Leather Binder is perfect for the office, classroom, or restaurant. These beautiful and durable full-grain leather three post binders will serve you well for years to come.

Our Slim Cut Refillable Leather Binder is designed around 8.5"x11" paper and can hold 1-200 pages of 20lb three hole punch letter-sized paper. With overall dimensions of 9”x11.5” this is perfect for a personal notebook or journal when paired with paper.

Our Wide Cut Refillable Leather Binder adds an additional width to the leading edge to allow for the use of standard plastic page protectors and to protect any divider tabs. The overall dimensions increase to 10”x11.5”.

Our product offers 4 sizes of galvanized steel flat screw posts and can accommodate any number of pages from 1-200. If you ever lose your posts, simply ask, and we will work to get you replacements. Parker Jotter pen sold separately and can be purchased here.

Feel confident that your binder is the best money can buy. Murdy Creative Co. would love to hear your stories. Use the #MurdyNo1 or #MurdyCreativeCo to see and hear about our community today.

If you are interested in bulk/corporate pricing or any type of custom engraving, please contact us at Sales@MurdyCreative.Co to work with our talented designers.

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