120 Year Warranty

What products are covered under the warranty?

Any of the Murdy Creative Co. Brand Leather Products. Some examples of things not covered would be our refill inserts or pens. 

What type of damage would not be covered?

Damage caused by misuse or abuse (for example, cutting it with a knife, letting a dog chew on it, dragging it behind your car, spilling ink or grease on it, putting glue or stickers on it, etc.). The warranty doesn't cover damage caused by neglect (for example leaving it out in the rain for months), however with this case, please reach out to us and we may be able to advise conditioners that can help restore the leather to its initial glory.

What type of things would be covered?

If you lose any of the hardware, a tab-locking seam comes apart, the pen loops on the journal somehow come undone, these are all examples of things that would be covered. If after a few months or years you notice a hairline cut has formed in the leather due to an invisible weak point, let us know and we can replace it with either the same item or something of equal or greater value. We try our best to take good care of our customers, so don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't sure and we can talk through the options available.

What about custom engraved or personalized items?

If you have your items custom engraved in our shop, we do cover the engravings and would re-engrave the replacement item (if replacement is needed) with the same engraving to the best of our ability. Please note that engravings can differ slightly from piece to piece as well as over time and there may be slight differences in things like depth of engraving. 

If you had your item engraved by a different shop or elsewhere, our warranty would only cover the original item, not the additional engraving. Also, our warranty does not cover damage done by third party engravers. We are not able to take returns that have been engraved by a third party.

Final Thoughts...

If you were in our shoes and someone came and said "I left it in a place my toddler was able to get it and they drew on it with sharpie" would you give them a full refund or a replacement cover? We truly want to take care of our customers as much as we can while still keeping the lights on and paying our employees. If you have trouble or concerns with any of your products, please contact us at Sales@MurdyCreative.Co and we will do everything we can to help solve your issue or problem!

For any questions not answered:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions or concerns! Send your name, order number (if applicable), and question to Sales@MurdyCreative.Co. Our hours of operation for customer service are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. cst, excluding weekends and major holidays. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible, however please allow 24­ - 48 hours to receive a response.